Dr Nifemi Chibuogwu

Dr. Nifemi Chibuogwu is DHWs Operations Manager and a seasoned medical practitioner, boasting extensive expertise spanning over ten years in Healthcare Administration. With a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics within healthcare systems, Dr. Nifemi excels in recruiting, training, and overseeing staff to ensure unparalleled service delivery across various health, medical, and professional environments. 

Moreover, Dr. Nifemi is deeply committed to fostering lasting transformations in mental health journeys. Recognising the pivotal role of administrative teams and systems in shaping patients' experiences, Dr. Nifemi prioritizes establishing robust frameworks from the outset. 

By emphasizing compassionate care and streamlined processes from the initial point of contact, Dr. Nifemi ensures that clients receive holistic support from the moment they engage with the practice. 

Through this comprehensive approach, Dr. Nifemi endeavours to empower individuals to embark on transformative paths towards improved mental wellbeing at Dune Health and Wellbeing.