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We specialise in helping people to thrive, make lasting change and live full lives

Our expertise is in the mental health, wellbeing and success of minorities and people of colour.

Our highly experienced and credentialed team provide holistic mental health services including assessment and treatment. 

Our practice has over 50 years of therapeutic skills. We are ready to work with clients who are committed to working through their life, relationship and mental health challenges. 

We specialise in taking the time to find the core of the issues clients experience, work through those issues and help clients make lasting change across all areas of life. 

Start winning on your mental health journey with us!

The Australian Business Review Board has recognised Dune Health and Wellbeing as a leader in customer service, innovation and outstanding health care!

What We Do

We use evidence based interventions to support various mental health concerns including:

Seniors Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health is a critical aspect of our wellbeing that is linked to all areas of our lives and wellbeing. This is true across the lifespan. Our psychologists work with Residential Aged Care providers to deliver psychological support and therapy to seniors

Qualified mental health clinicians, experienced working with older people, deliver the services. Engaging residents in their own recovery with a friendly and collaborative approach underpins our evidence-based, person-centred, stepped model of care.

Based on your GPs referral, clinicians conduct assessments, develop care plans, provide the psychological interventions and if needed, make recommendations to link residents to other available psychological assistance that might be available.

Our program allows for up to 10 free sessions per resident delivered weekly or fortnightly. Sessions are delivered one-on-one or as group sessions or a mixture of both, conducted at the residential aged care facility where the person lives or remotely via Telehealth. 

We do this by making regular visits to our partnering Residential Aged Care settings so that clients can have easy access to the highest quality mental health care available. This reduces barriers to access. If you are interested in our Seniors Mental Health services contact us here.

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NDIS Self and Plan-Managed Clients

At Dune Health and Wellbeing we embrace neurodiversity and provide psychological services to support you or your loved one to live a fulfilling life.

We support NDIS self-managed and plan-managed clients to access affordable psychological services including therapy, assessments and reports.

Psychological Assessment

We also provide cognitive, academic and behavioural assessments and reports for individuals, groups or organisations to assist with NDIS applications or reviews, school or work adjustments and the development of intervention plans.

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How DHW Clinicians are Different

At DHW, helping clients and clinicians to track client success and help clients maintain long term change is important to us. To do so we utilise a number of strategies. Below are just a few:

The Strength of Evidence

Before your first session and every few sessions thereafter we send clients surveys to complete to monitor their experiences and changes. In addition to the information gathered in our therapeutic sessions with you, these surveys help us to collaborate with you to determine the best next steps in your mental health journey. While we base interventions on evidence-based modalities of therapy and practice we adapt and change gears (slow down, speed up or change tack) where necessary to ensure that the therapy you are receiving is aligned with your long term goals and present needs.

Collaborative Care

To make sure that all your health providers are on the same page we share a short summary of your survey data and progress and/or experiences with only those who you nominate and consent to receive that information. We also send you a copy of any communications we share with any other parties (ie., your nominated general practitioner, NDIS plan manager, paediatrician, psychiatrist, social worker, physiotherapist, insurer, etc.) so you always have access to key documents whenever you need them.

Therapy in Between Therapy

A special feature of our therapy is keeping therapy going in between sessions. We often asks clients what kind of therapy they have done previously and many reply that they were not sure or can't really remember the techniques or strategies that were used to help them work through their mental health concerns. At DHW we ensure this confusion does not occur. How? Well, after your first session, you will receive a personalised email from your clinician clearly indicating what type of therapy would work best for your presenting concerns. This ensures that you are clear on what therapy type we are using as well as being provided with information about that therapy modality and the type/s of concerns you are having. If the therapeutic mode changes, in collaboration with your clinician, you will recieve an email indicating what the new therapy modality is and how it can help you work through particular challenges or experiences.

Further, afer each therapy session, your clinician will send you a short email (or text - whichever you prefer) after each and every therapy session you have with us to highlight key points, next steps or 'homework' that we have developed with you in sessions. This helps you to keep up the momentum gained within therapy as well as review and revisit any 'key points' that you feel you need to work on more or discuss again in subsequent sessions. Clients indicate that these personalised and context-specific emails/texts are a standout feature of psychology at DHW and have been central to helping them maintain long term wellbeing as they could always return to those key points. This means that well after you decide to take a therapeutic break or move on from regular therapy you can continue to work on central strategies that have helped you get and/or feel better long term. Finally, these emails/texts help you to understand, describe and process your experiences in between therapy on your own or with other support people in your life. 

Unlimited Therapy

Given the restrictions and limitations of Medicare subsidised sessions it can be hard to maintain therapeutic momentum and have the time to dig deep into issues that may have caused you difficulties for months, years or even decades. To support clients towards long term and continuous care we have a robust team of Provisional Psychologists who provide therapy at a reduced rate and with the additional benefits of being supervised by senior psychologists with other 50 years culmulative experience. With a provisional psychologist you get the experience of many, all the above special care aspects as well as being able to see a therapist as often and for as long as you need (or want to). 

Healing Together

At DHW we also offer group therapy sessions which most Medicare holders have access to but never use! Medicare offers each individual 10 group therapy sessions which you can use at DHW within our Dialectical Behaviour Therapy groups. This supports clients to continue the momentum of therapy even after, or in between, their individual therapy sessions. Group therapy is an evidence-based intervention that draws on our need for social connection and understanding through shared experiences and clear strategies for healing. In addition to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy groups, we look forward to offering other group therapy modalities including Mental Health Yoga, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy and even Group EMDR in the near future. 

Are You Committed to Thriving and Living a More Fulfilling Life?

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Appointments after 5pm may be available depending on the psychologist's availability.*

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We offer onsite appointments as well as telehealth appointments by phone or using videoconference software.