Psychological Assessments

What is psychological assessment?

Testing is a formal process using validated and reliable measures of aspects of an individual's psychological or cognitive functioning. It might include paper and pencil tests like questionnaires and  surveys, or the completion of set puzzle-like activities that evaluate certain skills such as planning, memory or problem-solving. Referrals are not typically required although exceptions may apply (e.g., worker's compensation). 

What is psychological assessment used for?

Psychological testing can answer a broad range of questions. For instance, a psychologist may help test an individual to judge whether they are competent to manage their own affairs responsibly.  Psychologists often assess children with special learning needs, people with brain injuries, or older adults experiencing problems with declining memory so that they, and others around them better understand their needs. Psychologists also provide assessments for the criminal justice system, compensation claims or to evaluate and provide professional psychological opinion to the courts on child custody cases.

What are assessment reports used for?

There are a number of reasons why psychological assessment reports are required.  At Dune Health and Wellbeing we provide assessments and reports including:

What psychometric assessments do we use?

We have years of experience using a diverse range of psychometric tests with a wide variety of clients. Tests most commonly used in our practice include (but not limited to):

How long does psychological assessment take?

Each psychometric assessment requires 2 to 3 hours of testing onsite with a clinician.

Formal assessment tools such as WAIS-IV and WISC-V require considerable testing, score interpretation, report preparation, and interviews.

Dune Health and Wellbeing has dedicated assessment appointments and can accommodate evening and weekend appointments (on request). This allows us to accommodate client assessment with minimal delay.

How much do psychological assessments and reports costs?

The cost of psychometric assessment varies depending on the time required for assessment and report preparation. For example, the assessment of ADHD usually requires 1 psychometric assessment and take-home questionnaires. The assessment of ASD or intellectual concerns often requires 2 or more psychometric assessments and take-home questionnaires.

As a guide, in general, our prices are as follows:  

We require a $1000 deposit at the time of booking an initial assessment interview and the remainder before the report is released. 

Our assessment process is comprehensive, rigorous and thorough. To do so our assessment process usually includes:

As an example**, testing using the WISC and WIAT for a child assessment could include:

Other assessments (e.g., university, vocational, immigration, court, NDIS applications / reviews and other reports) are charged at our initial consultation rates for an 80-minute appointment or 50-minute appointment. Reports for these assessments cost $75 per page. Contact us to inquire.  

Worker's compensation and vehicle accident assessments require additional neurocognitive and psychometric assessments including symptom validity and impact of injury. Please Contact us to discuss the report needs and for pricing information.

Fees for an initial assessment consultation must be paid in full at the time of booking. 

GST is included in all assessment fees.

See more on assessment costs on our Pricing & Payment page.