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Who We Are

Dune Health and Wellbeing provides psychological services to children, adults and families in Australia. We are passionate about providing inclusive services to diverse and multi-cultural clients with a strong focus on socially and culturally competent care.

We specialise in helping people to thrive and live full lives. To do this, we use evidence-based clinical interventions to support various mental health concerns.

We also provide training and consulting for health and wellbeing practitioners, professionals and organisations.

Meet Our Clinical Team

Dr Tinashe Dune

Director and Clinical Psychologist

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Amanda Hession

Provisional Psychologist

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Sophie Panozzo

Provisional Psychologist

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Zoe Benson

Provisional Psychologist

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Deniz Dagli

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Seeing Clients from 9 January 2023

Sapphire Love

Clinical Psychologist

Seeing Clients from 23 January 2023

Our Administrative Team

Olivia Pellegrino

Practice Manager

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Cindy Ly

Administrative Officer

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Anita Ogbeide

Book Keeper

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Our Team Is Growing!

Dune Health and Wellbeing Pty Ltd is expanding opportunities for client care by adding new psychologists to the team. Our new staff are accepting therapy appointments from January 2023. We look forward to helping you make time to thrive.

Are you a psychologist who would like to work with us? Contact us to start the conversation!

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