Transforming Talks

Benefits of Transforming Talks

Sometimes we need a bit of help to understand what goes on in our minds or in our relationships. Listening to Transforming Talks can give us new ways of thinking about new and old problems. Transforming Talks can also guide you to consider how to acknowledge, accept and be more open to your emotional, psychological and life experiences.

By getting a different perspective about how your mind works or how to perceive challenges the way that we interact with ourselves is transformed. From feeling or thinking negatively we can engage with the opportunty to be more positive about ourselves and others. Transforming Talks can also help us to identify what does and doesn't work for us and how we can learn to set boundaries around what is meaningful to us and how to determine what we want and need from life.

Check out some of our Transforming Talks, which are also available on Insight Timer and YouTube, for opportunities to reflect and evolve. Listen while you are in transit, in bed or on the couch. Transforming Talks are a great way to better understand and work through all kinds of anxiety, depression, trauma and difficulties any time and any where. Enjoy!

PS: If you have suggestions for a Transforming Talk that you would like to hear just send us a message on our socials or via the Contact Us page.

Three E's of Empath Syndrome

This talk presents a summary of how empaths who over extend themselves develop Empath Syndrome. This talk explains how Empath Syndrome includes Engaging, Enabling and Enforcing the actions and behaviours of people who exhibit narcissistic traits. This talk also provides strategies to set boundaries and enjoy being an empath without the pain and strain of being in maladaptive and unhelpful relationships. #timetothrive

Learning From Challenges

This reflective talk encourages listeners to acknowledge the experience of stress, overwhelm or worry and invites reflection on the purpose of our challenges. By reflecting on the lessons and learnings that are potentially available in the midst of stress we can identify ways to move towards our goals and the direction our emotions guide us. Consider the potential lessons of challenges and connect to opportunities for growth. #timetothrive 

Curing the Disease to Please

Being more assertive is difficult for those of us who have been taught to make space and consideration for others. This talk offers a reflection on the experience of having the 'Disease to Please' and acknowledges the struggle to fill your space in this world. This talk ends with a visual imagery exercise to help listeners to tap into their energy and spirituality as a way to increase your confidence in yourself and expressing your needs. #timetothrive 

3 D's of Relationship Destruction

This talk presents my theory on how relationships can suffer when we lose sight and understanding of our feelings of desperation to be heard, seen and acknowledged. In this model, desperation leads to drama that may result in discord in our relationships and within ourselves. When this continues we or others may feel disrespected in the relationship. If this dynamic is not recognised and attended to it can result in relationship destruction. #timetothrive

Contemporary Mental Health

This short lecture highlights emerging understandings and information about the links between physical health and mental health. By reflecting on data and lifestyle factors this lecture explores how to reverse the incidence of ill-health and provides strategies for listeners to consider. By making even small changes everyday, we can make positive strides towards improving our lives and the joy we reap from living. #timetothrive