Clinical Supervision

Psychologist Supervision

Board Approved Supervisors play a key role in the training and assessment of the psychological competencies required to become a registered psychologist.  

Our Board Approved Supervisors ensure that the supervisee practises within accepted professional standards, providing evidence-based assessments and interventions. Further, our supervisors ensure that the supervisee does not practise beyond his or her competence. 

Although both these responsibilities also rest with the provisional psychologist as they are also a registered health practitioner, our supervisor’s knowledge and experience places them in the optimal position to assess both these requirements. 

Board Approved Supervisors

Dr Tinashe Dune is approved to supervise the following psychology programs:

Specialty Areas:

Supervision Fees:

Deniz Dagli is approved to supervise the following psychology programs:

Specialty Areas:

Supervision Availability:

Culturally Safe Clinical Supervision

Are you a provisional or registered psychologist working with clients of colour? Do you feel unsure about how to discuss or respond to their experiences of racism and/or discrimination? 

Perhaps you are a clinician of colour and/or other minority identity (LGBTIQ, religious group, disability) who is VERY aware of your difference when working with your clients. 

Although many of us spent very little time during our qualifying courses learning about cultural competence and safety, the majority of us work with a broad range of clients that challenge our understanding of ourselves, others and the world. 

Often our lack of knowledge about the background of our clients, which may be different than ours, can trigger concern about our ability to provide them with impactful psychological care. Other times our sense of being different (or too similar) can challenge our sense of comfort (and skill) during clinical interactions. Our supervisors have experience with both clients and in supervision on all these aspects. 

Their understanding and developmental approach to supervision ensures that clinicians learning about working with difference, as well as clinicians who are 'different', have the opportunity and #timetothrive in support of their clients, their own wellbeing and their clinical growth.

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