Confident Carers Cooperative Kids

What is the Confident Carers Cooperative Kids group?

Confident Carers Cooperative Kids is a 9-week program that aims to increase parent’s skills in developing strategies that limit the cause of difficult behaviours for children 3 to 11 years. This is achieved by focussing on improving the parent–child relationship through play, praise and other positive activities.


The participants learn how to use praise and rewards effectively as well as learning how to give clear and effective instructions. Throughout the course of the group, participants gain insight around how consistent, attachment rich responses, and activities can limit the incidence of challenging behaviour.


The program aims to reduce problem behaviour by focusing on improving:


The Confident Carers Cooperative Kids program is a targeted behaviour management program created by Mark Donovan and Greg Konza, leading edge Australian scholars and clinicians in child psychology and parenting.


Program details:


Parents concerned about their child’s behaviour can contact Dune Health and Wellbeing directly to register their family for a pre-group assessment. The assessment will determine the appropriateness of the CCCK Program for each family or if other supports are required before commencing group sessions.