Introducing Meagan Rose Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Are you unsure if you are meeting your body's nutritional needs? Are you concerned about your appetite or relationship with food?

Do you suffer from any gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation or IBS?

Did you know that a dietitian can empower you to optimise your nutrition, significantly benefiting your mental wellbeing?

Diet and lifestyle changes are a major contributor to mental wellbeing. Evidence suggests that mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, postnatal depression as well as symptoms experienced by people with ASD and ADHD can benefit from a team approach, including a food first and whole body approach to your diet. 

If you are looking for a holistic approach to support your mental health and wellbeing, make #timetothrive and book an appointment with Meagan today. 

Adult ADHD Assessment

Is distraction or procrastination affecting your ability to work or study? Are you an adult who has suffered from these symptoms but never been assessed? Is this delaying your ability to access school supports, submit an NDIS application, or engage other services?

ADHD assessment requires expert skills and training to determine whether your behaviour is within a typical range or is neurodivergent. Of the small number of professionals who offer comprehensive ADHD assessments, the waitlists are long and the fees are high. 

Dune Health and Wellbeing is a multidisciplinary mental health practice with clinics in Liverpool and Wollongong. 

We have a number of provisional, registered and clinical psychologists with the skill, expertise and availability to assess for ADHD for only $989 and within 4 weeks from your first assessment interview. 

Call us on 02 9138 0660 or email to get your comprehensive, affordable and timely ADHD assessment started with Dune Health and Wellbeing.

*Terms & conditions apply.

*T&Cs: Offer ends 31 August 2023. In order to ensure that the report is completed within 4 weeks, clients must be available for the initial assessment interview and assessment sessions within a 2 week period and allow another 2 weeks for key informant interviews, assessment interpretation and report writing to be completed. Clients are required to pay the $989.00 fee in 2 installments, 50% before the first appointment and 50% once the report is completed but before the report feedback session. The $989.00 fee does not include other assessments needed and/or requested by referers or parents or suggested by the clinician in addition to autism assessment. The addition of other assessments will attract an additional fee.  

Clinical Supervision

Are you a provisional or registered psychologist working with clients of colour? Do you feel unsure about how to discuss or respond to their experiences of racism and/or discrimination? 

Perhaps you are a clinician of colour and/or other minority identity (LGBTIQ, religious group, disability) who is VERY aware of your difference when working with your clients. 

Although many of us spent very little time during our qualifying courses learning about cultural competence and safety, the majority of us work with a broad range of clients that challenge our understanding of ourselves, others and the world. 

Often our lack of knowledge about the background of our clients, which may be different than ours, can trigger concern about our ability to provide them with impactful psychological care. Other times our sense of being different (or too similar) can challenge our sense of comfort (and skill) during clinical interactions. 

Dr Tinashe Dune has experience with both clients and in supervision on all these aspects. She has written several books and over 100 journal articles on topics of culture, diversity and health with both the client and clinician in mind.

Her understanding and developmental approach to supervision ensures that clinicians learning about working with difference, as well as clinicians who are 'different', have the opportunity and #timetothrive in support of their clients, their own wellbeing and their clinical growth.

Supervision at Dune Health and Wellbeing is $265 per 1-hour session.

 To book Dr Dune for supervision contact 02 9138 0660 OR