Introducing Meagan Rose Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Are you unsure if you are meeting your body's nutritional needs? Are you concerned about your appetite or relationship with food?

Do you suffer from any gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation or IBS?

Did you know that a dietitian can empower you to optimise your nutrition, significantly benefiting your mental wellbeing?

Diet and lifestyle changes are a major contributor to mental wellbeing. Evidence suggests that mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, postnatal depression as well as symptoms experienced by people with ASD and ADHD can benefit from a team approach, including a food first and whole body approach to your diet. 

If you are looking for a holistic approach to support your mental health and wellbeing, make #timetothrive and book an appointment with Meagan today. 

Dietetics For Eating Disorder Plans

Many people in Australia who are experiencing eating disorders are able to access recovery support through Medicare.

Known as an Eating Disorder Plan (EDP), it’s an evidence-based, best practice model of treatment. The plan can include up to 20 Medicare-subsidised sessions with a dietitian and 40 sessions with a mental health clinician over a 12-month period.

Read more about the role of dietitians in mental health care here.

Eating Disorder Plan Client Eligibility

Only a GP – a psychiatrist or paediatrian (if you already have one) – can assess your eligibility.

 According to the Medicare Benefits Scheduling Book (pg 182-195), you may be eligible for an Eating Disorder Plan if:


You will need at least 2 of the following factors to be eligible

What does an Eating Disorder Plan include?

1. You’ll get a set Medicare refund amount for up to 40 sessions of evidence-based psychological treatments, which are:

 2. Up to 20 sessions dietetic care

To book an appointment under a Eating Disorder Plan, you can simply email your plan to or ask your doctor's office to do so for you.

Please note – we are unable to provide you with a Medicare rebate if we do not have a copy of your GP Management Plan at your appointment.

Dietetics For Chronic Disease Management Plans

Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are allied health professionals approved by Medicare to conduct medical nutrition therapy and are authorities on food and nutrition. APDs transform scientific nutrition knowledge into tailored, useful dietary recommendations. They can examine clients' eating patterns in comparison to recommendations for their age and provide advice on how to specifically manage numerous health issues through nutrition. APDs regularly examine nutrition interventions to make sure patients' needs are being fulfilled as they can significantly improve client outcomes.

Any patient with a chronic medical illness, that has been present for at least six months (or is projected to be present for that long), may be referred to an APD under a Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan. If you have a chronic medical condition that you are presently managing or have recently been diagnosed with, you may be qualified for a Medicare rebate on 5 visits to our dietitian as part of a Management Plan set up by your doctor.

Chronic Disease Management Plan Client Eligibility

Any medical problem that is anticipated to last for six months or more is considered chronic, and this includes conditions like:

According to research, one in five Australians suffer from several chronic illnesses. A dietician is frequently a necessary member of your healthcare team because many of these conditions necessitate dietary adjustments in order to ensure effective continuing management.

A management plan for your chronic health condition may be suggested by your doctor (GP), or you may decide to bring it up on your own during your subsequent appointment. Based on your existing health concerns, your doctor will be able to tell you if you qualify for the plan or not.

To book an appointment under a Chronic Disease Management Plan, you can simply email your plan to or ask your doctor's office to do so for you. Your management plan is frequently faxed to our office by your doctor's office. Our practitioner will then sign the Team Care Arrangement form provided and return this to the surgery to confirm that we are happy to help in the management of your care.

Please note – we are unable to provide you with a Medicare rebate if we do not have a copy of your GP Management Plan at your appointment.