The Dune Health and Wellbeing team are offering a 12-week* DBT Skills Training Group for adolescents (16+) and adults. The program will cover the four key components of DBT: mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness. Spaces are limited to 6 to 8 per group.

Group attendees pay $20 out of pocket for each group session and each individual therapy session. The group begins 18 August 2022.

*The above group is available to individuals 16+ with an active Mental Health Care Plan. Week 1 includes an assessment appointment to determine individual suitability for the group.

We specialise in helping people to thrive and live full lives.

Our highly experienced and credentialed team provide clinical psychology services including assessment and treatment.

We also provide training and consulting for health and wellbeing practitioners, professionals and organisations.

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What We Do

We use evidence based interventions to support various mental health concerns including:

NDIS Self and Plan-Managed Clients

At Dune Health and Wellbeing we embrace neurodiversity and provide psychological services to support you or your loved one to live a fulfilling life.

We support NDIS self-managed and plan-managed clients to access affordable psychological services including therapy, assessments and reports.

We also provide cognitive, skill and behavioural assessment and reports for individuals, groups or organisations to assist with NDIS reviews, school or work adjustments and the development of intervention plans.

Are You Ready to Thrive and Live a More Fulfilling Life?

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Appointments after 5pm may be available depending on the psychologist's availability.*

Saturday (10:00am-2:00pm) appointments may be available-check online for availability.*

Wollongong office is open only on Fridays for a face-to-face session with Sophie Panozzo

*Saturday and appointments after 5pm on weekdays attract an additional fee.

We are closed on Sundays.


We offer onsite appointments as well as telehealth appointments by phone or using videoconference software.